beccathegleek (narnialover7) wrote,

RL Update 6

Hello, friends!
I had a pretty good week overall.

♦ The picture above is our courthouse for our little town.
I walked out of the bank and started getting in my car and I couldn't help but notice pretty the sky was.
It just thought it was a really neat picture. :)

♦ My best friend was in town this past weekend. So yesterday we went out to dinner with our other best friend.
It was so nice just chatting and catching up over some very yummy food.
There's something about hanging out with your girlfriends that just does something good for the soul. ♥

♦ Winter Guard practices went well. We are prepairing to perform in another talent show this weekend.
Of course I'm worrying and stresses over it.
I just hope things pull together and everything goes well.

That's pretty much it. I hope you all had a great week! :DD

♦ Check out itsabattlefield and merlinstills if you need some fun and cool communities. ;)

 I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Tags: 2019, friends, personal post, winter guard

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