beccathegleek (narnialover7) wrote,

RL Update 5


Hello, friends!

This past week was crazy for me!

♦ I don't know if anyone has heard but the New England Patriots are once again SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!
And my favorite guy got MVP! So happy for him. I love Jules! ♥
I plan to make some super bowl/parade/disney icons so look out for them soon. ;)

♦ All last week was preparing for Falcon Follies. It's a local talent show that our music boosters sponsors.
We had 15 acts. The show went really well. My winter guard did good. I have a lot of rookies and they were pretty nervous and it showed we they preformed. But still proud of how they did and all the progress they made with about a month of practicing.

♦ I have been really down on myself lately. I just feel like I suck at everything in my life right now. Like a feel like I suck at dance, being a good color guard instructor, a good daughter. You name it, I'll probably say I just suck it right now. I hate this feeling! Hopefully starting this week I can try to snap out of it. So I can start feeling better about myself soon.

♦ Check out itsabattlefield and merlinstills if you need some fun and cool communities. ;)

Well I think that's it. I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Tags: julian edelman, pats, personal post, winter guard
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