beccathegleek (narnialover7) wrote,

RL Update 4


Hello, friends!

Not much really happen last week for me. So this post is pretty boring.

♦ It was cold and wintry

♦ My monthly visitor came and I got sick. :(
It sucks being a girl! I had to cancel one of the Winter Guard practices.

♦ Call and checked on my bill that I got. Unfortunately it was not mistake. But I have already paid some of it and will pay the rest soon.
Hopefully then all the bills for my mole situation will be done and I don't have to worry about that any more!

♦ I'm still really enjoying watch Chicago PD from season 1. I'm now in season 4.
If you haven't seen this show you should check it out. It's really good!
I'm addicted to it! :)

♦ Check out itsabattlefield and merlinstills if you need some fun and cool communities. ;)

Well I think that's it. I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Tags: 2019, personal post
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