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RL Update 2...


Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Well I'm going to try to post an RL update at least once a week.

Here we go!

Yesterday, I had Winter Guard practice. It went well and we started a new routine.
I also had a church meeting.

Today, I had to take my baby boy Beau to the vet to get neutered.
I forgot to tell you guys about Beau in my other update. Well this little guy came to me back in October.
He needed a home and I can't say no to a poor little kitten that needs a home.
(In the picture above he was just about 2 months old.)
Now he's almost 5 months old. He's growing up so quickly!
He's definitely a typical kitten, you know being a little stink pot but then gets so sweet and wants to cuddle with his mommy.
I'm going to miss him today. :(

Then the rest my week is filled with work, more work, dance classes, work and to wrap up my week Winter Guard practice.

I hope you all have wonderful week! :D

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