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Long time no update....


Hello, my friends!

It's been a lllooonnnggg time since I did a proper RL update.

Well I start from most recent and back track.

My holidays were very good. I got some very nice presents from the people I love the most. *points to photo above*
I got the mug from my little nephew. He's not my nephew by blood, he's my mom is one of my really good friends and he calls me Aunt Becca.
I love him to pieces like if he was my real nephew. My friend Emily(he's mom) got me a selfie stick. One of my best friends Shelbly, hand made me a blanket. It's so cozy and I love it.
My other best friend Janel came home and suprised me at work and then we went out to dinner. My friends our the BEST!
I hope you all had a nice holiday!

I started my Winter Guard season in December. I have a total of 9 girls. 5 of them are 7th graders and 4 of them are rookies. They're all doing great.
We have one routine done now for the local talent show in February.
We will starting another soon and the girls are working on duets as well. So Winter Guard in going really well so far!

Well now I'm going to take you all back to Marching Band Season. We have a GREAT season!!
We did AWESOME at the competition!!
We got High Music, High Visual and High General Effect!!

We did it with half our band being 7th graders. Our older kids wanted but I think the 7th graders wanted it to because our whole band was so pumped the day of the competition.
The best part for me was when one of the other band's director came over to us and was like "You guys were freaking amazing!"
Then other from the same band came over to my friend Steve who is our Band Director and was like "You color guard did a beautiful job. They're so good. Who works with color guard? *he points to me* "He says it's her." I'm in shock! She told me great job! They're band director also asked how our guard is so good and Steve said it's becuase I work with them all year long.
I just had to share that. I just felt SO proud of my girls and of myself.
I put my heart and soul into our marching band and just feels so good when other directors are jealous of what you do.
Steve, Shelby and I work so hard for our kids to succeed.

Now I fast forward to today.
I have to go to barn and feed 8 baby calves and do some other chores.
Then I'm off to Winter guard practice and then I have Music Booster meeting.

Also I go back to dance this week!

Random thoughts...
I'm catching up on Outlander.
Also starting really watching Chicago PD from Season 1. Now I'm becoming obessed with it. Anyone else watch it?

Well that's about it.
Have a great week my friends!

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