beccathegleek (narnialover7) wrote,

Challenge 11 - Do you know your ABC's

I made these icons for Challenge 11 - Do you know your ABC's over @ landofart

Most of my icons that I made for this challenge are some of my favorite actors/actresses from favorite shows.
A few of the icons are of random stock.

Here are a few teasers:

I hope you like them.
Enjoy! ♥

A- Alexandar Dowling, B- Bradley James, C- Cole Sprouse, D- Josh Dallas, E- Jullian Edelman

F- Fruit, G- Grant Gustin, H- Helen George, I- Ice Cream, J- Joe Minoso

K- Kara Kilmer, L- Lili Reinhart, M- Melissa Benoist, N- Music Notes, O- Colin O'Donoghue

P- Luke Pasqualino, Q- Brian "Q" Quinn, R- Roses, S- Sam Heughan, T- Taylor Kinney

U- Umbrella, V- Sal Vulcano, W- Willaim Moseley, X- Xray, Y- Love You

Z- Zebra


Tags: 2018, actors/actresses, bradley james, grant gustin, icons, icons: 2018, luke pasqualino, stock icons, taylor kinney, william moseley

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