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A long overdue update...


I haven't updated for a few weeks. So I thought I would do a little update post. :)

Winter Guard:
The season is over. It was a very successful season and I have enjoyed it(I think the girls did too.) We ended up making up two routines. That was one of my goals this season. I might upload a video of the for you guys to see if anyone is interested.

Marching Band:
It's going to be starting up soon again. Probably next week. We need to start preparing for our trip to Tennessee! Our trip is coming up fast. We leave April 11th. So it's almost about a month away! We're not sure where will be performing but we will be performing for about a half an hour. So need to find songs that we play well to fill up the amount of time.

Dance is going well. We have started our recital dances. My hip-hop song is Hideaway by Kiexza. Here is the music video. We are going to be doing some moves from the actual music video. We also already have our costumes. Probably post a picture of if later. We don't know what our lyrical song is yet. We did and then someone dropped out and the idea that she had only works if we have four people in the dance. :(

I just started watching Riverdale. I really like it. I would recommend watching it. Who knows, I'm kind of crazy I might make a icontest for it. Would anyone be interested in it?

Have a great night, friends!! :D

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