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First icons of 2017

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Good evening, friends!

I spent my New Year break binge watching the third season of The Musketeers. I enjoyed it.
I don't think it's of my favorite seasons but I love all the characters it doesn't even matter. I'm sad it over though. :(
Now I have started watching the second season of Outlander. I can't wait to get all caught up with it.

I made my first icons of 2017. I made them for elitesimplicity
I hope you like them. :)

 photo up and sharp1_zpst3s8un6s.png  photo up close and sharp2_zpsyxbrjl8u.png  photo up close and sharp4_zpsm30twlsy.png

 photo up close and sharp3_zps1xiardci.png  photo up close and sharp5_zpszae2cqck.png
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