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Gleeverse- Jar of Hearts

This is a fic I wrote for a challenge @gleeverse The fic was inspired by the picture above. Hope you like it! :-)

Title: Like Mother, Like Daughter
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,048
Pairings/Characters: Puck & Rachel, Rachel, Puck, Future kids
Spoilers: None
Summary: Rachel and Puck’s daughter Molly is following in her mother’s foot steps in being a performer.
Warnings: None

Rachel walked excitedly down the hall of the high school that her fifteen year old daughter attended. Tonight was her daughter’s first big performance. Rachel couldn’t be anymore prouder than she was for her daughter, Molly. As Rachel made her way down the hallway, it reminded her of her days back when she was in high school. She finally made her down to the room where Molly was supposed to be warming up.

Rachel opened up the door, she saw her little girl standing with her back towards the door. She had on a brown dress that came past her knees with a pink accent bow around her waist. She was putting a pink bow in her beautiful thick brunette hair.

“Hi, sweetie” Rachel said. Molly turned around. “Hi, mom” she said as went to hug her mother.

“How are you doing? Are you nervous?” Rachel said as she brushed a hair off Molly’s cheek. “I’m doing ok. I’m a little nervous but mostly to sing in front of you.” Molly said as she walked away to finish getting ready.

“Oh, sweetie don’t be nervous to sing in front of me. You have a beautiful voice.” Rachel said trying to reassure her daughter.

“I know I shouldn’t fell nervous to sing in front of you but you are a broadway star. You were a star in high school.” Molly said. “Molly, sweetie, I love you. You are talented singer and performer. I don’t want you to compare yourself to me. I wasn’t liked too much in high school but you are popular. Sweetie promise me that you just be you and never try to change for me or anybody.” Rachel said as she walked over to Molly and gave her a hug.

“Thanks, mom. I promise.” Molly said as she looked up at her mother. “Five more minutes, Molly” Molly’s music teacher said as she popped her head in the door. “Ok.” Molly said. “Ok, sweetie. Your dad, brothers, and I will be out there cheering you on. Good luck. Break a leg.” Rachel said as she kissed her daughter on her forehead. “Thanks, Mom.”

“Noah, I think she is next” Rachel said as she was elbowing him in the stomach. “Yes, she is next. Rach, you have you clam down.” Noah said. “I just so excited. What song is she going to sing? I didn’t even look at the program yet.” Rachel trying not to whisper too loudly. “You don’t know. Well I think you are going to love it.”

“Now are next performer is a freshmen. She loves to sing and act. Let’s give a warm welcome to the stag for Molly Berry Puckerman.” The MC said as the crowd clapped and the curtains started to open. The curtains were all the way open and the stage was empty.

“Noah, where is she? Do you think she is alright? I think I should go check on her.” Rachel said as she started to panic. “Rachel, will you calm down. She is fine. Just relax” Noah said as he was trying to help calm her down.

Suddenly the music started playing. Spotlight went to the back of the back of the room. Everyone’s heads turned. Molly started singing.
Don't tell me not to live, Just sit and putter, Life's candy and the sun's A ball of butter. Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade! Don't tell me not to fly-- I've simply got to. If someone takes a spill, it’s me and not you. Who told you you're allowed to rain on my parade!

Rachel couldn’t believe her ears. Her little girl was singing Don’t Rain on My Parade. Rachel started to cry. She was so proud of her daughter. Even if she sang the song even at an earlier age that she did but still she was singing it beautifully.

One shot, one gun shot, and BAM Hey, Mister Armstein, Here I am! I'll march my band out, I will beat my drum, And if I'm fanned out, Your turn at bat, sir, At least I didn't fake it. Hat, sir, I guess I didn't make it. Get ready for me, love, 'cause I'm a commer, I simply gotta march, My heart's a drummer. Nobody, no, nobody Is gonna rain on my parade!

Rachel was crying and she had chills. Her daughter was singing amazing. The whole crowd was on there feet. “That’s my baby, that’s my baby.” She screamed out. Then Molly’s brothers wanted in on the screaming so there screaming “That’s my big sister.”

Rachel, Noah, and boys sat down. Noah handed Rachel handed a tissue. “Thanks, honey. You sounded amazing.” Rachel said as she wiped away her tears. “She did, sounded just like her mother.” Noah said as he leaded over and gave his wife a kiss.

The show ended and they all went to go find Molly. All the way at the other end of the hallway was Molly. Here whole family quickly went to her.

“Molly, sweetie. You did amazing. You killed that song. I’m so proud of you.” Rachel said as she hugged her daughter so tight that Molly couldn’t breathe. “Thanks, Mom. I did that song for you. You have always talked to me about that song so I decided to do it.” Molly said. Rachel had tears in her eyes.

“Her sweet heart.” Noah handed his daughter a bouquet of flowers and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “You were great. I’m very proud of you.” “Thanks, daddy. The flowers are beautiful.” “Boys, don’t you have something to give to your sister?” Noah asked his sons.

“Yeah, we got some chocolates for you.” Michael said, Molly’s youngest brother. All three of her brothers gave her a hug.

“What do you say we go out for dinner and celebrate a making of a star tonight?” Noah said. “That sounds like a lovely idea, honey. All three of the boys started jumping in with what restaurant they want to go. The whole family started to walk down the hallway to go to their car. Rachel and Molly held hands they walked down to the car. Rachel could see so much of her in Molly. She couldn’t have asked for a more perfect daughter.

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