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13 - Musketeers Icons

I made these icons for Round 1 over @ 10in30.
My claim was The Musketeers.
The theme was "star-crossed".
The first 5 of  icons are of starcrossed lovers.
The other 5 are of separation and/or longing.

Here are some teasers:
 photo star10 brutal_zpstnkyplt1.jpg  photo star5 partitioning_zpsxyq0ba5y.jpg  photo star3 fassy_zpsdujddrfa.jpg

Hope you like them. Enjoy!

Comments are very much appreciated!
Please credit if you snag any.
musketeerstills, outlanderstills, merlinstills, s1icontest, tvshowsic,

 photo star9_zpszwd4mhtb.jpg  photo star12_zpsf3kz5qrx.jpg  photo star10 brutal_zpstnkyplt1.jpg  photo star13_zpsja4swgwe.jpg  photo star6 violateraindrop_zpsrpxiuqbr.jpg

 photo star5 partitioning_zpsxyq0ba5y.jpg  photo star7_zpsggdmxftr.jpg  photo star3 fassy_zpsdujddrfa.jpg  photo star2_zpsent0lpaw.jpg  photo star8 raiindust_zpswfgvvv8v.jpg

Alternates/ Rejects
 photo star1_zps7ec9q2zt.jpg  photo star4_zps3gebviop.jpg photo star11_zpsxss6cvkj.jpg

Credit goes to brutal (#3), violateraindrop (#5), watchpoint (#6), neatmonster (#8) and raiindust (#10) for the use of their lovely texures. :)

Tags: 10in30, 2016, icons, icons: 2016, the musketeers
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