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Prompt Table- Challenge 26

This fics are Finn, Quinn, and Finn/Quinn centric. *Warning* I don't consider myself the best writer. 
Years(a fic) 885 words
It’s the class of 2012 five year reunion. Finn just moved back to Lima from New York City. He moved out there with Rachel after they graduated. Rachel and him broke up a few months ago. She started dating a guy from the theater company that she started working for. New York just really wasn’t for Finn. He stayed out there for Rachel but then she dumped him for the other guy.  He found an apartment and starting working for Burt in his car repair shop.
            Quinn went to Ohio Stat majoring in real estate. She just moved back to Lima to start her own real estate company. Quinn moved into a new apartment that she just found.
            Finn was getting ready to go the reunion. He nervous, he wasn’t sure who was coming but he knew Rachel was definitely was not coming she was too busy. He was alright that she wasn’t coming he was ready to move on with his life and he was happy to be back at Lima, where he belonged. Finn put on one of his nicest suits, combed his hair and brushed his teeth. Grabbed his keys, hopped in his car and headed towards McKinley High School.
            Quinn picked out her dress. The dress she picked out was long flowy sparkly dress, it glimmered when the light hit it. Her hair was long again like it was before she cut it her junior year; all she did to her hair was give it a slight curl with the curling iron. She brushed her teeth and put on her make up, and she was ready to go to the reunion.
            Finn arrived first at the reunion.  He walks in the gym, walks through all of his classmates trying to figure out who was who. Finally he came to some faces that looked very familiar. They were some of his glee friends. He saw Santana, Brittney, Mike, Tina, and Artie. “Hey, guys! How are you guys? Can’t believe it’s been like five years since we seen each other”. “Well, it’s good seeing you too, Finn” Mike said giving Finn a pat on the back. “I’ll be back guys, I’m going to get a drink” Finn said walking towards the punch bowl. He poured a class of punch and looked up and he saw a girl enter the gym. He took a double take, the girl was Quinn. She looked just like an angel walking into the room, dressed all in white. He watched her walk through the sea of people. She looked beautiful. Memories from high school started running through his head, the good and the bad but he was mostly focusing on the good. He still had some feelings for Quinn. He really wants to say hi but he was nervous, what if she doesn’t want to talk to him. Well decided that he was going to talk to her.  He walked to meet her in at the other end of the gym.
            They met face to face. “Hi, Quinn” Finn said nervously. “Hi, Finn”
“How are you?” Finn asked.
“I’m good”
“Well, how are you?” Quinn asked.
“Do you want to go sit down and I’ll go get you a drink, if you want” Finn asked.
“That would be great; I’ll find us a seat.
Quinn was so happy that she got to see and talk to Finn. He is still the sweet guy that she knew in high school that she knew and loved.
Finn comes back from getting drinks and he sits down.
“Quinn why did you come back to Lima after all these years?
“I started to work on getting my own real estate company going. Some of my friends are going to come to Lima and work with me a little bit and Beth is here. I want to be in her life as much as I can.”
“That’s great that your getting your own business going. You have always wanted it. How is Beth?”
“She’s really good; she is 7 years old now”
“Wow, time does fly, can’t believe she’s that old”
“Well, Finn why did you come back?”
“Well I got sick of the big city feel, Rachel and I broke up and she’s already as a new boyfriend so there really no reason why I should stay.”
“Oh, Finn, I’m sorry”
“It’s ok, I think I finally over it. I kind of glad, I’m back doing something I enjoy and something I’m good at it, fixing cars for Burt.”
“That’s great, Finn”
A slow song started to play.
“Quinn, would you like to dance? I’m still no good at dance but I would be honored you I could dance with you.”
Quinn smiled and giggled at little bit.
“Yes, Finn, I would be honored to dance with you.”
When they danced they both remembered all the great memories that they shared together.
“Quinn, maybe if you would like maybe, we could go out to dinner sometime and just hang out.”
“That would be nice, I would like that”
They both didn’t know what would happen after dinner or what it would turn into but they both were glad to be with someone that they were familiar with even after all these years and all the bad things they have went through.
Spinning(a ficlet) 348 words
            Finn was under center waiting to tell the center to hike the ball to him. “Hike” Finn shouted. He dropped back to pass, he looked for an open receiver but no one was open. Finn starts to run right. Finally Puck gets open; Finn throws the ball to Puck to try to win the game. 
As soon as he threw the ball, he gets hit by two huge guys. Finn’s head hits the ground hard. He opens and closes his eyes, his head is spinning. He tries to get up but the whole world is spinning around him. “Finn, Are you alright?” she asked him. “No, everything is spinning. Did we win the game?” Finn asked. “We still have one more play to score. They got a personal foul for hitting you late. Let’s get you off the field.” Puckerman, Come here, Help me get Finn off the field” She shouted at the sideline. They both helped Finn off the field. “Great pass, man” Puck says has he helps Finn sit down on the bench. Sam goes in as quarterback. They get a touchdown to win the game.
“Hey, Finn are you alright” Quinn asked. “Yeah, everything finally stopped spinning”  “Well, you did a great job out there, maybe sometime when your feeling a little bit better, we could hang out sometime.” Quinn kisses Finn right on the lips. “Ok” Finn said shocked. He’s head started spinning again but it was alright because he didn’t mind this spinning.
Star(drabble) 100 words
“It’s really starry out tonight.” Finn said.
 “The stars are quite beautiful tonight, aren’t they” Quinn says looking up gazing up at the sky.
“Yeah, they are but not as pretty as you” Finn said
Quinn stopped. “Oh, stop Finn”
“You are brighter and more beautiful than millions of stars. You are my star that I love to look at. I know that sound cheesy but I mean it.
“I love you, Finn” Quinn smiled and gave him a kiss.
“I love you, too Quinn” He put his arm around her and he kissed her on top of her head.
Never(a 6-word fic)
Finn’s motto is never give up.
Quinn loves the spring.
It makes her want to sing.
She puts flowers in her hair.
It’s because there is a smell of spring in the air.
Reality(a 1-sentence fic)
When Finn heard those words from Quinn, that he wasn’t the father it broke his heart, he loved that little girl.
Silence(a 1- sentence fic)
Finn and Quinn stood there in the silence of the night and watched their new born baby girl sleep.
Diamond(a ficlet) 249 words
            Finn walked nervously into the local jewelry, Lima Jewelry. He was greeted by a cheerful woman.
            “Hello, may we help you with something?”
            “Yes, I’m looking for engagement ring for my girlfriend”
            “Do you have something in mind?” the woman asked
            “Uh, no, I don’t”
            “That’s ok; we’ll find you something really special. Come right over here and I’ll show you what we have”
             Finn and the woman went through all of the engagement rings and finally the last one, was perfect for Quinn.
            “Finn, this place is so fancy” Quinn said as Finn opened the car door.
“I thought it would be nice to try it out since we have never been here”
            They got seated. They were seated in an area where they were by themselves.
            “Sweetie, this is very romantic of you. Our own private place back here, I love it.”
            Finn got down on one knee.
            “Quinn, um, well I, don’t know I how to say this but will you marry me?” he said as he opened the ring box. Quinn gasped.
            “Quinn, I love you, I always have and I always will. So will you marry me?”
            “Finn, I love you too, yes I will marry you!” Quinn said as she hugged and kissed me. Finn slipped the ring on her finger.
            “Finn, this diamond is beautiful.” Quinn said as she started to tear up.
            “Just like you”
            “I love you so much. She said as she leaned over the table to kiss him.
Air(1-sentence fic)
            Finn loved the smell of dried fall leaves in the air.

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