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20 - Musketeer Icons

20 - Musketeer Icons
These icons were made for a challenge over @ gameofcards.
I'm happy with how most of these turned out but not all of them.
Hope you like them! Enjoy!

 photo 8earth_zpsmab9vukm.jpg  photo 16nature_zps2mkpldkl.jpg  photo 20water_zpsapcmfppx.jpg
Air / Angry / Beginning / Brother / Captain
 photo 1air_zps9e5kzypj.jpg  photo 2angry_zpsuewna3si.jpg  photo 3beginning_zps7h87nksw.jpg  photo 4brother_zps3ik1cryc.jpg  photo 5captain_zpsyv3xmxqb.jpg

Danger / Dark / Earth / Family / Fight
 photo 6danger_zpsf5k2loif.jpg  photo 7dark_zpsxjvcug76.jpg  photo 8earth_zpsmab9vukm.jpg  photo 9family_zpsjzaaxwvt.jpg  photo 10fight_zpsfyosjfiq.jpg

Friendship / Happy / Laughter / Light / Love
 photo 11friendship_zpspmtl8gqo.jpg  photo 12happy_zpspnghpxb7.jpg  photo 13laughter_zpszijqvj0s.jpg  photo 14light_zpsuywssooy.jpg  photo 15love_zpsbt0nl0ri.jpg

Nature / Queen / Sad / Shoot / Water
 photo 16nature_zps2mkpldkl.jpg  photo 17queen_zpscxi4vafx.jpg  photo 18sad_zpsvii8iluu.jpg  photo 19shoot_zpsphauntu6.jpg  photo 20water_zpsapcmfppx.jpg
Tags: 2015, gameofcards, icons, icons: 2015, the musketeers

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