beccathegleek (narnialover7) wrote,

Glee Icons- Preggers & Thankgiving!

Made these icons for Round #36 over @ glee20in20
For this round we had to claim a episode. My epiosde that I picked was 1x4: "Preggers". It is my favorite episode ever on Glee and the episode that I really fell in love with Glee. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. Hope you like them!
Comments are <3

pglee20in20favmoment pglee20in20cate5 pglee20in20ac3


Bright, Close Crop, Envy, Episode Title, Favorite Moment
pglee20in20bright pglee20in20closecrop pglee20in20envy pglee20in20episodetitle pglee20in20favmoment

First 10 Minutes, Last 10 Minutes, Negative Space, Pose, Smile
pglee20in20f10min pglee20in20l10min pglee20in20negativespace pglee20in20pose pglee20in20smile

Category: Episode Swap- "Thanksgiving"

Artist Choice

Tags: finn & quinn, finn hudson, glee, glee cast, glee20in20, icons, icons: 2013, kurt hummel, noah puckerman, quinn fabray, rachel berry

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