February 2nd, 2020

Josh Allen - Cute Far Away - NFL

January 2020 icons

(44) Multi Fandom Icons
(3) Game of Thrones
(14) Misc. Actors/Actresses
(6) Misc. TV Shows/Movies
(7) New England Patriots (Tom Brady & Julian Edelman)
Once Upon a Time
(5) Outlander
(2) Reign
(5) Stock

These are the icons I made in January. I made theme for various comms and challenges.
I also made these icons as well.
Here they are if you missed them. ;)
(20) - Red Inspired Icons
(11) - Manifest icons

Here are some of my personal favorites:

- Comments are very much appreciated! ♥
- Please credit if you snag any.
- Enjoy! :D
- itsabattlefield (watch and join in on the fun!! :DD)
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