August 28th, 2018

Claire - Head Turn MAD - Outlander

Little Update of my busy week...


Hello and good morning, my friends!!

So yesterday I woke up and went to the kitchen to have breakfast.
I looked out onto our deck and saw my cat (Billy) sleeping in a very strange position and place.
(see picture above)
Hopefully that will give anyone that needs a little pick me up a laugh. :)

So my busy week went well last week. I survived and still here to tell about. Hahaha!😂

My procedure on my arm to remove more skin where my mole went well. I go back on Thursday to get the sutures removed and get the results to make sure all the possible bad stuff is gone.

After my appoint I went shopping to get something for a wedding that I'm going to this Sunday. The wedding is for one of my former guradies. I found a super cute dress at a really super awesome price. I don't usually wear dresses at all but I'm trying to be more confident and wear something I really like.
Here it is.
IMG_20180820_151212 (1)
What do you think? Does it look okay on me?

Our first football game was quite interesting but before I get on that. I had a nice little dinner with my really good friend and her little boy. He is like my newhew and love him to pieces. They also came to game for a little bit.

Well getting our younger kids was like dressing 11 toddlers at the same time. Some of them were so lost putting their uniform on. We haven't had that many 7th graders in a long time we forgot how clueless they were about things. On to their preformance. They did awesome! They had audience clapping along and cheering really loud. We were tickled that they sounded so good and look good too. It wasn't perfect but it was a good step in the right direction. And apparently people have been singing our praises over the weekend. So go us! Oh and the football team won big. 71- 0. I felt so bad for the other team. We weren't running up the score we basicly played our younger players and they still couldn't get a touchdown.

Wow, that got wordy. If you read this, you are awesome! THANK YOU!! :DD

Have a great Tuesday my friends!!