March 3rd, 2017

Charming - Means Business - OUaT

It was a cold one today!

So a couple of days ago it was 60 almost 70 degrees.
Today it was in the low 20s and tonight it might get down to 0. BURR!
Winter is here for a couple more days.
I know this time of the year it does this weather change a lot but I'm not a fan.

Last Friday my best friend Janel surprised me. I get phone from here saying she's home and if I want to hang out.
Of course I said YES I WANT TO HANG OUT.
I called up my other really good friend Shelby and we went out for ice cream. The three of us chatted and caught up on the juicy gossip.
Pretty much did what best friends do. :)
It was such an awesome surprise, I needed it.

This week was alright. Nothing too big or exciting happened.

We are going to start marching band stuff for Tenseness next. The countdown begins. It's only about a month before we leave.

I hope you all had a good week!



p.s. If you haven't heard yet. I started an icontest for Riverdale. So if you're interested, riverdalestills. :)