January 15th, 2017

Julian Edelman - Hands Up - Patriot Foot

My boys won last night!!

PATS WON!!!! *happy dance*

 photo giphy 18_zps37s1avud.gif

Dion Lewis played great! He just can't fumble but he still scored 3 touchdowns for us.

The first half of the game I had this reaction alot!
 photo giphy 15_zpsje29pljv.gif

 photo giphy 16_zpsq9zazxmi.gif
Chirs Hogan is awesome! Both Jules and him had some nice catches. I loved how we did a lot of deep passes. I hope Chris is alright for next week!

 photo giphy 17_zpshzcdgzv8.gif
Our defense though, PLAYED AWESOME!

I know they will play much better next week. We just can't have all those stupid mistakes that we had last night.

Well I going to get ready for my church's business meeting.
After the meeting I'm going to watch more NFL playoff Football!