December 4th, 2016

Lucy - Looking Down - Narnia

I'm alive and on the mend....

Good evening friends!

I'm finally feeling better!! It only took a week. I have my energy back!

All week I literally slept until until I had to go to work. I kept on getting two to three fevers a day. I couldn't call in sick beacuse I had things to be engraved and they were due sue and I'm the only one that could do them. I didn't have any energy at all. I didn't go to dance and I had to cancel my first winter guard practice. :( Like I said earlier I finally feel better! My nose is still full but I have my energy back. And also voice is still quite horse but I'm on the mend!

Sorry that I missed a bunch of stuff this week. I will get busy with trying to catch on comments and such.

It's Sunday which means FOOTBALL!!!

Missed seeing Gronk. I wish him a speedy recovery!! ♥

THE PATS WON!! Tom Brady has won 201 games and I'm sure he's not done yet. That number will keep going up! :D
Congrats Tom! I have alway been a huge fan ever since I was little. So glad I got to witness it today. :D ♥
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Congrats to Julian Edelman on the birth of his little girl (Lily)!! Also great game today!! :D ♥♥♥
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I'm going to work on some winter guard stuff and maybe make some icons. First winter guard practice tomorrow! Hope it goes alright. :)