November 20th, 2016

Athos/Milady - Passion - The Musketeers

My weekend...

Hey everybody!

So in my pervious post couple days ago I said it was 68 degrees. Well yesterday it snowed a little and today it has snowed at least 2-3 inches. So it's the first snow fall for this fall(it's not quite winter yet). I just don't know if I'm ready for snow yet. I do like it for the Chirstmas season. It helps get me and everyone else in the Chirstmas spirit.

My Saturday was an interesting one. I went to church just like any other Saturday. At the end of church everyone was talking and I went out in our additition to clean up some things. All of sudden someone runs out to grab a chair and runs back out. I go into to the church my Grandma who is almost 90 is sitting in the chair. Turns out my grandma's legs got really weak and she almost fall. Luckly there were enough people there to help her. So we got a wheelchair and got her into to the car and my dad took her the manor where she lives. They checked her out there and turns out her blood presure was high and that made her dizzy. I'm SO glad she's okay, I was worried about her for a serveral hours.
So after all that I got to go to a musical. A few of my band kids were in it. They all did a great job! We have very talented actors in our music department.

Sunday is going to have a lot football watching and winter guard stuff in it. Going to watching the Bill at 1 with my mom and than at 4:30 the Patriots play! I didn't think I was going to be able to watch the Patriots so I SO EXCITED to watch this game. LET'S GO PATS!!!


Happy Sunday, friends!! :DD