April 1st, 2013

Josh Allen - Cute Far Away - NFL

Weekly Update #7 of 2013!

Hope you enjoy my rambling.

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

It’s been a while since I have updated you all about my oh so exciting life.

Color Guard- I started a spring guard on March 4th. It’s going really good. I’m really pleased with how the kids are getting in to it. We started working on a flag/rifle routine to this song HERE the beginning of it is perfect for a new rifle thing that I just taught them.

Dance- I found out what my lyrical song is. It's old crow medicine show angel from Montgomery So my other to song are "BoraBora" Drum Beats & Girls Gone Wild by Madonna
I’m really starting to really like all of my songs for dance. I also got to try on my Hip-Hop costume a week ago and it was pretty cool. I might be able to get a picture of it a little bit later. I’m still waited for my lyrical costume.

Land Comms- My land comm stuff is pretty slow right now. I’m waiting for tvholicsto start in a couple of days. gleek_landand onceuponalandoff on little hiatus right now. I think "lj user="gleek land"> comes back on April 22nd and I’m very excited about that. I have no idea when onceuponalandis coming back....I hope soon.

20in20s- For this month I’m taking a little break from 20in20s. I’m only signed up for three so will see how it goes. It just got that I was signing up for like six and then it started not being fun anymore. I know everybody will be sad because I will not be making as many icons this month…yeah right my icons are not that good.

My stills comms- I was mod first over at merlinstills for the new mods. It went really well. We had 33 icons! So happy with how it went for my firt time. Now I have to get voting up.Also there is a new challenge up too. The challenge is Bright Colors. So come on over if you love merlin and you enjoy making icons check out merlinstills
I’m crazy and I made a stills icontest for the Tv show Chicago Fire. Its cfstills So if you like that show and want to make some icons for it than come on over. I have the first challenge up!