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20 - Random Fandom Icons

I made these icons for Round 07: All Things Random over @ somein30.
jsfunction randomized a bunch of different things. These were the themes that inspired me to make icons.
I hope I did this alright. I found it challenging and fun all at the same time. :)

Comments are ♥
Enjoy! :D


Random character: John Moore (The Alienist)

Random screencap: Call the Midwife

Random song: Clean Bandit ft. ALMA - In Us I Believe
In us I believe
You're my heart and soul, I can't let you go
You mean too much to me
This fire inside, set it alight
No way, no
We've been through too much to just throw it all way
So, in us I believe, I believe, yeah yeah

Random tutorial: Queen Bartonia's Coloring Guide by queen_bartonia
I tried this but probably failed horribly. :(

Random quote: "Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change." - Wayne W. Dyer

Random textures:

Random trope: Hulking Out

Random remake:
Then I was inspired by the screencap to make more icons of Emma.
I hope thats okay. :)

Random inspiration icon: by jorge_2

Random word: snack

Random screencap pool: Supergirl
Tags: call the midwife, chicago fire, chicago pd, icons, icons: 2021, misc. tvshows/movies, once upon a time, resident alien, supergirl, teen wolf, the alienist

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