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04 January 2017 @ 10:43 am
So I made an account at dreamwidth.
No, I'm not leaving LJ, I wouldn't dream of it. I made one just in case.
I would hate losing contact with all of my amazing friends here.

Here is a link to My dreamwidth journal.

If you have a dreamwidth journal, please let me know in the comments so we can be friends. :D
02 January 2017 @ 08:13 pm
giphy 1

Good evening, friends!

I spent my New Year break binge watching the third season of The Musketeers. I enjoyed it.
I don't think it's of my favorite seasons but I love all the characters it doesn't even matter. I'm sad it over though. :(
Now I have started watching the second season of Outlander. I can't wait to get all caught up with it.

I made my first icons of 2017. I made them for elitesimplicity
I hope you like them. :)

 photo up and sharp1_zpst3s8un6s.png  photo up close and sharp2_zpsyxbrjl8u.png  photo up close and sharp4_zpsm30twlsy.png

 photo up close and sharp3_zps1xiardci.png  photo up close and sharp5_zpszae2cqck.png
01 January 2017 @ 11:25 am

Happy New Year, everyone!!

I had an awesome New Year Eve! I got to spend it with my best friends Janel (who I don't get to see very often) and Shelby.
Also some other pretty awesome people too. :)
I wouldn't want to bring in the new year with anybody else. ♥

Last game of the regular season for football. It goes so fast.

GO PATS!!! Let's get home field advantage!!

Have a great day!

27 December 2016 @ 07:26 pm
We can all be too hard on ourselves with body shaming,etc.
In this community if we want we can state our goals, help each other accountable and most importantly lift each other up!
In the community we can share our good ideas/habits/work outs/ diet tips that help.

Think this community is all for our bodies and dieting?
Even if you need encourgment for icon making and writing fics or even if you just need be a place for an encourging word when your having a rough day.

loveyourself247 is the place for you!

 photo loveyourself247_zpscxtpnodf.png
loveyourself247 loveyourself247 loveyourself247
27 December 2016 @ 01:50 pm
Hello, friends!

One of my friends of facebook came up with a really neat idea. So I thought I would try it out here.
She made a group, it's called Love Yourself.
Becuase we can all be too hard on ourselves with body shaming,etc.
In the group if we want we can state our goals, help each other accountable and most importantly lift each other up!
In the group we can share our good ideas/habits/work outs/ diet tips that help.

Maybe instead of just making it about our bodies and dieting, we could also make it about our icons and or writing fics. Also could just be a place for an encourging word when your having a rough day.

What do you think? Would anybody be interested?

Please let me know in comments below.

I don't know about anybody else but I have been struggling with beating myself up about my body and just life in general.
26 December 2016 @ 06:30 pm
 photo tumblr_inline_oeox1k3D8u1rmstha_500_zpsa4oufbbk.gif
Hey guys!

I hope you all had a great Christmas yesterday. I had a nice quite and relaxing day.

I have today and tomorrow off. It's so nice to have a break from things.

Lately I have been in the mood to make icons so I made a few this afternoon. I hope you like them!

 photo l1_zpsyznmtpr4.png  photo l2_zpsn1fwwpnm.png  photo l3_zpsnqfphmor.png

 photo r1_zpsmojubp1w.png  photo r3_zpsbbrlhe8r.png  photo r2_zpswkdpvxfl.png

 photo r4_zps3qyhhktc.png  photo r5_zpsq8y678eq.png

Have a great rest of the night! :D

25 December 2016 @ 10:14 am
giphy 14


I hope you all have a wonderday! :D

I'm having lunch with my grandma and then just chiiling with my parents the rest of the day. :)


giphy 12

didn't get to watch the game because I had to work but I heard we played pretty AWESOME! I love december football! :D

I made these icons for a challenge over @ theiconthrone
For the challenge I had to make black & white icons.

I iconed some of my favorite football boys.
I iconed Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola and Jimmy Garoppolo.

Texture credit goes to...
For #2 - softstarless
#9 - elysian_ama
#10 - brutal

Here are some teasers:
 photo bw13_zpsxpm8hbnz.png  photo bw4_zpslv2jamfs.png  photo bw9_zpsqthlkdts.png  photo bw8_zpsqh3nflxf.png  photo bw3_zpsmfjfwddh.png

Hope you like them. Enjoy!

Comments are very much appreciated!
Please credit if you snag any.

musketeerstills, outlanderstills, merlinstills, s1icontest, tvshowsic,ouatchallenge,chicagostills

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19 December 2016 @ 11:39 am
giphy 3
(I LOVE THIS GIF SO MUCH! I'm probably going to be using it alot. I also love Jules in the background. ♥)
I hope it does snow a little bit. I love snow really close to Christmas.


giphy 6
I just love this team. ♥

Mom is doing better. It's going to be a long recovery though.

I finished up my Christmas shopping yesterday. I'm so glad to be done. :)

Last Winter Guard practice of this year. I think I'm going to get some treats for girls and we'll have a little Christmas party in between working on the routine. :D

Have a marvelous monday everyone!! :DD
16 December 2016 @ 08:19 pm

Hey guys!

It's been a little while. I thought I would give an update on how my week went.
Sorry that I missed a lot of posts. Please let me know if I missed anything.

Well last weekend consisted of hanging out with my mom at the hospital.
On Sunday my dad and went and spent all afternoon with her. We watched the Bills game together.

Had another winter guard practice. Winter guard is going SO GOOD this year. The girls are really getting into the song that I chose.
We are doing Rather Be by Pentatonix. It's a really cool song. So far what we have looks pretty good. I might take a video so you all can see a little bit of it.


Our defense played really well.


Oh, I'm so glad we have Chris Hogan on our team. His play was AWESOME!!
giphy 5

Tuesday & Thursday:
I helped out at the choir and band concerts. I helped serve ice cream at the ice cream social. All the kids did so well.
Especally the band they sounded amazing! My friend Steve does an awesome job with the band!



She's doing much better but still have some recoving to do.

Winter Guard Practice! Still going well. My friend Opie got me some mats for the girls to use while we are practicing.
The girls we doing some new things and they kept droping the rifles and breaking them. The mats HELPED so much!!



09 December 2016 @ 10:23 am

Good Morning Friends!

Today is a very snowy day here in Northeastern PA. It is so pretty with all the new fluffy snow. (maybe I'll take some pics to show you the pretty nature scenery)
I just hope the school doesn't cancel after school activities. I have a winter guard practice with lots of things to get done and teach the girls.

Monday was the first winter guard practice. It went really well. Right now I have 5 but it might turn out that I will have 6. So that's great!

My mom as been in the hospital since eary Tuesday morning. She has celluitis in her right leg.
She her leg looks a lot better but she still feeling kind of yucky. It will take a little be to get the big infection out of her system.

That's about all that happen this week. I hope you all have been have a good week.


04 December 2016 @ 06:21 pm

Good evening friends!

I'm finally feeling better!! It only took a week. I have my energy back!

All week I literally slept until until I had to go to work. I kept on getting two to three fevers a day. I couldn't call in sick beacuse I had things to be engraved and they were due sue and I'm the only one that could do them. I didn't have any energy at all. I didn't go to dance and I had to cancel my first winter guard practice. :( Like I said earlier I finally feel better! My nose is still full but I have my energy back. And also voice is still quite horse but I'm on the mend!

Sorry that I missed a bunch of stuff this week. I will get busy with trying to catch on comments and such.

It's Sunday which means FOOTBALL!!!

Missed seeing Gronk. I wish him a speedy recovery!! ♥

THE PATS WON!! Tom Brady has won 201 games and I'm sure he's not done yet. That number will keep going up! :D
Congrats Tom! I have alway been a huge fan ever since I was little. So glad I got to witness it today. :D ♥
 photo giphy_zps1zbglxzb.gif  photo giphy2_zpsu9v6qa7z.gif

Congrats to Julian Edelman on the birth of his little girl (Lily)!! Also great game today!! :D ♥♥♥
 photo giphy3_zpszdhqz0z9.gif

I'm going to work on some winter guard stuff and maybe make some icons. First winter guard practice tomorrow! Hope it goes alright. :)


29 November 2016 @ 08:27 pm

Hey guys!

So monday I woke up and my thoart was scratchy. So all of yesterday it was like that but by the end of the day my thoart was so sore. It was making my ears hurt. Then I started to get all stuffy and couldn't breathe. Today my thoart still is very sore and I'm very stuffed up. I feel like crap! I have many things I need to be doing but I really don't have the energy to do it. Hopefully with a good night sleep I'll ready to do thing tomorrow.

I hope you all are feeling okay and have had a nice couple of last days.

Oh, PATS WON!!! The win wasn't pretty but a win is a win. All I have to say is thank you Chris Long for the fumble!
Hopefully the whole team starts getting healthy again. (Gronk and Brady)

 photo giphy 5_zpsgcqgmknd.gif

Have a great rest of the night friends! :D

♥ ♥ ♥
27 November 2016 @ 11:04 am
So my weekend was awesome!

On friday is when I got together with pretty much all of family on my dad's side. We all had a blast!
I had SO MUCH FUN playing with all 8 of my little cousins. They are all seriously the cutes and sweetest little humans ever!

This is my grandma and all of her great-grand children. She loved seeing all the kids. :D

Yesterday was great too! I GOT TO SEE MY BEST FRIEND JANEL!!! We went out to dinner. Then we got together with two of my other really friends and had a game night. A few months ago I told you guys about my Best friend's husband (Jay), well I got to see him too! He's doing good! I was so glad to see him and hug him! I'm just SO GLAD he's doing better! So we all had fun playing dutch blitz and apples to apples.

Today of course is football!!! We're going to watch the Bills first and then it's my PATS!! I'll probably do a little winter guard stuff too. I also feel like making icons so I might make some icons.

GO PATS!!! BEAT THE JETS!!! (Be safe, please!)

I hope you all had a great weekend!


♥ ♥ ♥
25 November 2016 @ 10:58 am

Good Morning!

I'm hoping that everyone had a great Thanksgiving (or a great thursday).
I had a nice and quiet Thanksgiving day yesterday.

Today we are all getting together on my dad side. There is going to be 24 of us total.
We finally get to meet two of my little cousins. And I  get to play/entertain with all eight of them too. So that sould be fun!
We all haven't been together all at the same time for long time so I am looking forward to it!

We'll also be celebrating my Grandma's 90th birthday while we're all together. She's turning 90 on December 2nd.
It is also my moms birthday today so we'll probably sing happy birthday to her too!

I guess were going to be party animals today. Haha!

24 November 2016 @ 10:03 am

I hope you all have wonderful day.
If you don't celebrate, I still hope you have a wonderful day!!

I'm going to the manor to have dinner with my grandma and then probably watch some football. Also probably do some barn chores.

I just want to say I'm so thankful for all my friends on here. You all seen to help me feel better when I'm down and give me encourgement.
So thank you for being great friends! ♥ ♥

21 November 2016 @ 05:25 pm
Hey guys!

Well I got my winter guard schedule all done and down to the school so now we can start the sign ups tomorrow!
So, YAY!! Just got to pick a song(s) and start a routine(s).
Also I have to come up with some new warm-ups for the girls.

PATRIOTS WON LAST!!! ♥ Bring on the Jets! I just hope our defense gets a little better. It's alright I still love them!

Hope you all had a great day and continue to have a great night! :D
20 November 2016 @ 11:01 am
Hey everybody!

So in my pervious post couple days ago I said it was 68 degrees. Well yesterday it snowed a little and today it has snowed at least 2-3 inches. So it's the first snow fall for this fall(it's not quite winter yet). I just don't know if I'm ready for snow yet. I do like it for the Chirstmas season. It helps get me and everyone else in the Chirstmas spirit.

My Saturday was an interesting one. I went to church just like any other Saturday. At the end of church everyone was talking and I went out in our additition to clean up some things. All of sudden someone runs out to grab a chair and runs back out. I go into to the church my Grandma who is almost 90 is sitting in the chair. Turns out my grandma's legs got really weak and she almost fall. Luckly there were enough people there to help her. So we got a wheelchair and got her into to the car and my dad took her the manor where she lives. They checked her out there and turns out her blood presure was high and that made her dizzy. I'm SO glad she's okay, I was worried about her for a serveral hours.
So after all that I got to go to a musical. A few of my band kids were in it. They all did a great job! We have very talented actors in our music department.

Sunday is going to have a lot football watching and winter guard stuff in it. Going to watching the Bill at 1 with my mom and than at 4:30 the Patriots play! I didn't think I was going to be able to watch the Patriots so I SO EXCITED to watch this game. LET'S GO PATS!!!


Happy Sunday, friends!! :DD
I made these icons for a challenge over @ theiconthrone
I had to make at least 2 icons from one cap.

I iconed A Place to Call Home.
It's a new show that me and my mom love!
It's a really good show I would highly recommend it! :)

I can a little carried away with some caps...oops!
I had a lot of fun with this challenge!

Here are some teasers:
 photo tc13_zps3wljcgea.png  photo tc7_zps5dl5vffq.png  photo tc16_zps7jdmh2rf.png

Hope you like them. Enjoy!

Comments are very much appreciated!
Please credit if you snag any.

musketeerstills, outlanderstills, merlinstills, s1icontest, tvshowsic,ouatchallenge,chicagostills

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