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Beacon_Hills Pimpin!

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Whether you're a Hunter or Werewolf there is always something to fight for.
beacon_hills just started the 8th Phase.
You choose what cause you want to fight for...the HUNTERS or WEREWOLVES!
If you interested you may apply HERE
Please tell them I sent you!

P.S. Werewolves are the best! :)

20in20 of four fandoms!!

Here is 20in20 icon set that I did for a challenge over @ gameofcards
I did icons of my four favorite fandoms...(7) Reign, (2) Teen Wolf, (7) Merlin and (4) Once Upon a Time.
I'm happy with how most of them turned out.
Hope you like them!

Bright Coloring Cate1AC5

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Reign 20in20!

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Hello, my fellow Reign fans!! Would anybody be interested in a 20in20 for Reign???

So I'm going to explain my 20in20 icon idea. Well a normal 20in20 is 20 days but our 20in20 would be for 30 days. So you would have a whole month to get 20 icons done.

If you are interested, you can sign up HERE
Tell all your Reign friends about it! :)


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Do you love Reign? Do you enjoy making icons?
If you anwsered yes those questions then you should check out reignstills!
After you join be sure to check out the welcome post!
You may do so HERE

Stock Icons!

Icons were made for Round #46 over @ free20in20
I'm really happy with how this set turned out. I dedicated my ac set to my guy Cory Monteith because I love and support him while he is in rehab. Well I hope you like them!
Comments are <3

afreebeverage afreeac2
April showers bring icons!?!?...Collapse )

Glee Icons- Preggers & Thankgiving!

Made these icons for Round #36 over @ glee20in20
For this round we had to claim a episode. My epiosde that I picked was 1x4: "Preggers". It is my favorite episode ever on Glee and the episode that I really fell in love with Glee. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. Hope you like them!
Comments are <3

pglee20in20favmoment pglee20in20cate5 pglee20in20ac3

"Preggers"Collapse )

Cory Monteith Icons!!

These icons were made for Round #40 over @ guys20in20
I wanted to do icons for Cory Monteith becasue I want to show my support and love for this amazing guy! Happy with how they turned out. Hope you like them!
Comments are <3


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Support Post for Cory Monteith!

I just found out that Cory checked himself into rehab. I just wanted to show my love and support for one of my favorite actors EVER. So Cory this is for you!

You are amazing and you are great role model for young kids today.

I wish you all the best...I love you Cory!! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Weekly Update #7 of 2013!

Hope you enjoy my rambling.

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

It’s been a while since I have updated you all about my oh so exciting life.

Color Guard- I started a spring guard on March 4th. It’s going really good. I’m really pleased with how the kids are getting in to it. We started working on a flag/rifle routine to this song HERE the beginning of it is perfect for a new rifle thing that I just taught them.

Dance- I found out what my lyrical song is. It's old crow medicine show angel from Montgomery So my other to song are "BoraBora" Drum Beats & Girls Gone Wild by Madonna
I’m really starting to really like all of my songs for dance. I also got to try on my Hip-Hop costume a week ago and it was pretty cool. I might be able to get a picture of it a little bit later. I’m still waited for my lyrical costume.

Land Comms- My land comm stuff is pretty slow right now. I’m waiting for tvholicsto start in a couple of days. gleek_landand onceuponalandoff on little hiatus right now. I think "lj user="gleek land"> comes back on April 22nd and I’m very excited about that. I have no idea when onceuponalandis coming back....I hope soon.

20in20s- For this month I’m taking a little break from 20in20s. I’m only signed up for three so will see how it goes. It just got that I was signing up for like six and then it started not being fun anymore. I know everybody will be sad because I will not be making as many icons this month…yeah right my icons are not that good.

My stills comms- I was mod first over at merlinstills for the new mods. It went really well. We had 33 icons! So happy with how it went for my firt time. Now I have to get voting up.Also there is a new challenge up too. The challenge is Bright Colors. So come on over if you love merlin and you enjoy making icons check out merlinstills
I’m crazy and I made a stills icontest for the Tv show Chicago Fire. Its cfstills So if you like that show and want to make some icons for it than come on over. I have the first challenge up!

Glee Icons! (various seasons & characters)

Icons were made for Round #35 over @ glee20in20
I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. Hope you like them!
Comments are <3

cate3 Strip Pokerglee reflectionglee ac1

glee free for all...Collapse )



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